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Furry Weekend Atlanta 2007 Con Report


So I'm now back from Furry Weekend Atlanta for a few days, and it's time to write up mah reports!

The trip there went smoothly, and boring as ever. Over 12 hours travel, but at least the airport in Atlanta was marginally less stressful this time round. :D Got to the Sheraton Gateway Hotel, this year's venue, and it was very impressive. The room was really comfortable with great facilities! Banrai and Kasan were my roomies again this year, and it was ace seeing them again. That evening was the fursuiters dinner at a BBQ restaurant, which was cheap and decent, then we did a bit of suiting. It was the first time I'd had a chance to wear my Korrok partial suit from Rose Quoll, which was meant to be ready for EF last summer...what a disappointment. Within 5 minutes the soles of the footpaws came off - yes, literally that fast with normal wear! - and the sizing was crappy...too big. I gave up on it. -_- Anyways, Beowulf didn't have a room for the night and 'Rai knew him, so he crashed on our floor for the night too. His arts were awesome.

Got up at 8am and got down to the Artists Alley to get some cash! :O Well, actually, it was dead quiet on Friday. But regardless, I got to meet loads of lovely peoples again...commissioners and artists from last year. The lovely Teej gave me a WoW loot card to get a Tabard of Flame! :D I managed to commission Onyxwolf for a badge, traded with Animecat, commissioned sketches from Lizardbeth and Xian Jaguar. Chatted with Skulldog again, said hello to Ahkahna, met Jase again(lots of huggles! He is such a sweetheart!) and met the fabulous Badkittyamy...who called me sexy repeatedly. o_O She fangirled all over me and made me all happy-embarassed! ^^;;

Major highlight was running into LatinVixen and Lacy. LV had my new fursuit head finished! \o/ I had the bodysuit and everything with me anyway, but there was no preparing me for how wonderful the head looked. The new suit is an Ethiopian Wolf called Desta. Just...wow. The craftmanship on it is amazing. I cannot stress enough how great Mixed Candy are and LV was fab! I regret not being able to take more time to chat with her and Lacy this con, but I didn't seem to run across them much.

That evening we headed out to a place in Atlanta called the Cheesecake Factory. It was pretty upmarket. We did this magic thing that'd become a habit of the con and invited so many people that it turned into a huge dinner! :D I got to chat with Zim Gekko and met Tak, Growly, The Dragon Girl, Artslave and a load of others. The food was brilliant! I had chicken and biscuits, which amused the arse off of me for no apparent reason! :D There was a bit of room drama when we got back, and we sat in the hallway outside the room for a while. I met Crowe Basalt and ZOMG Westly, who was a couple of rooms down! \o/ It was awesome meeting him in real life. For all the (vast) amounts of drama we had, he was ace. Evol was also in the room across from us and she came out and handed me booze. :P I met Fishy Boner there, and she was lovely. Anjel dropped by to say hello as she arrived late. Other stuff probably happened but I recall little of it! I crashed quite early I think. Oh, and there was a broken vending machine down the hall which was giving us double drinks, we exploited the crap out of it.

Back to the Artist's Alley by 9am, and business was booming. Filled up my commission queue very fast. Room drama continued...but was fixed out. Hurray. The fursuit parade was at noon and I got to wear Desta for the first time: the reaction was fabulous. Saw loads of the lovely suiters from last year! <3 I couldn't possibly name them all, it'd take all day. There was much hugging though. ^^ It was good to be able to wear a really cute fursuit for a change, gave me more chance to be playful. There was an excellent turnout at the parade and afterwards I got some photos taken with LV and others outside. Got to snuggle with Oz Roo, he made me sit on him! :P All in all some fabulous suiting and it just makes me want to go over to more US cons!

Rest of the afternoon was occupied with furious artings and also we planned a dinner and invited lots of people. We went to a place me, Ravell Banrai and Kasan had visited last year - The Happy Buddah Chinese restaurant, across from the old con hotel. Super tasty food at super tasty prices! :D I think there were 20 of us and they seemed happy for the business. It took 7 of us crushing into Kasan's car to get there too. Westly, Crowe, Evol, Anjel, Lacrimas, Puppy, Exodite Dragon, Rikkanis were there...and lots more. It's 6am and namedropping is getting hard, hehe. Got to chat with Wes more which was cool and also Exo was a very nice guy in real life (not that I knew him particularly well online, right enough). Rikkanis was fab and hyperactive, and so remeniscent of Hammy from Over The Hedge it was insane.

Night times we got back and it was time to get OMFGWASTED. Went to Anjel's room party where there were loooaaaddss of peoples. I got vodka. The bed I was sitting on broke out into lesbian actions and Evol took a photo of her boobs on Banrai's camera. We got Rikkanis rat-arsed on Malibu, I saw murloc porn in Fishy's sketchbook, Anjel was doing lap dances...uhh...depraved? Us? Nevar! Anjel made me go fursuit for a while, but I had to call it a night after 40 minutes or something because I was a bit too drunk. After getting out of suit I went downstairs to find Banrai and Rikkanis. Rikkanis kept falling down in the elevator and we had to pick him up several times before dragging him back to Anjel's room. I gave him vodka to perk him up, and that was probably a bad idea, but eh! I would soon get angsty and have drunken conversations with Anjel and Seven before heading down to sleep in my room.

Up at 8am and down to the Artists' Alley where I worked my ass off all day. I got all but one of my commissions done! Got to sit with Westly most of the day and talk, he's great. Traded with Kamilya. Banrai had vanished as she wasn't feeling like being a slave to the wage. That night we headed off after extended goodbyes, Kasan's car broke down in a really bad area of Atlanta and we were being eyed up by so many cars full of gangstaz while we waited for AAA. A big scary southern guy was the truck driver and he insisted me and Banrai sit in the cab with him while the car was towed. Luckily my accent was too strong for him to understand me but he was asking if we liked Country music... >_> We got back fine anyway. Met Banrai's cats and fell in lurve with them. I could have left with a suitcase full! Crash time. Zzz.

I was running out of cash so didn't do all that much. :P I went for a shopping spree at Hot Topic and spent all my con earnings (this is what made money run low!) on new trousers, 2 Panic At The Disco shirts, a new Horde shirt, some socks and stuff. Happy happy Korrok! Went to Cracker Barrel again (zomg love that place!) and got a plush opossum on the way out. Wandered the Asheville mall. Went out to dinner at a place called the Bier Garden in Asheville with Banrai's bro. Missed WoW and so bought Kasan a copy of the Burning Crusade so I could log in and check on my guild friends. Went to the Huddle House for greasy, greasy foods. :P And I slept, because I had begun to get a sore throat at the con and felt a bit dodgy.

Trip home:
Got to the airport again at around 1am on Wednesday, though my flight didn't leave till 5.50pm...unfortunately Kasan had his shifts changed suddenly on Tuesday and this was the time we had to leave. So that was a *fun* 17 hours sitting around the airport. Flight back to Amsterdam was 8 hours, and by this time my sore throat had become a chest cough and obvious chest infection. Got to Amsterdam, had a 2 hour wait, then got on the flight to Glasgow...only for it to be grounded within 10 minutes due to technical problems with the plane. O_o Another 2 hours in the airport that seemed to pass in a total haze as I was really ill by this time. But got home, got my doggies and now everything is cool. Except my chest infection. Breathing hurts a lot and I keep coughing, but I have antibiotics to treat it, hopefully that will help.

Now for the random stuffs that fits nowhere else!
- There were really scary things in the art show with what I dubbed "Scroteginas". You couldn't tell if they were scrotums or vaginas. No, really.
- Some dude threw himself down a flight of stairs after being kicked from Anjel's room party. This was apparently a suicide attempt, but seemed more like some stupid effort to draw attention to himself and punish people for not giving him more attention. He was very drunk. He has now become an internet furry legend dubbed "Tumbles the Stairdragon".
- I'm rather sad that a necklace of mine, which means a lot to me, went missing from our room during the con. It didn't come up in the lost and found. :/
- Someone (Grrrowly) actually said my voice was sexy! ^^ This has been a topic for a while about how my accent is, y'know, interesting or amusing, but never sexy. Now someone said it is I feel less crappy about it, hehe.

So happy to have met everyone and you were all fabulicious. I had a great time at FWA again this year. Hopefully I can arrange to get to another US con before next year, because I miss you all loads already. :)

I'll post the badges and sketches I received in the next few days. Maybe a few photos too. Keep an eye out for those.
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